Meet Our Team


A serial entrepreneurer with a passion for people and production, James is a Nashville native with a knack for forming more companies than one man should ever need. That's why he built the lovely team you see here!

His main goal in life is to create an actual Jurassic Park.


Chris has spent the entirety of his career (and much of his life) perfecting the art of visual storytelling.  His background includes experience in Film, Writing, Theatre, Podcasting, and Public Speaking.  He approaches every project with an intense dedicattion to client satisfaction while striving to surpass all creative expectations.

He also really enjoys Star Wars. Like, a lot.

Aly Headshot

Well versed in many disciplines, Aly fulfills a number of important roles at Seek First Productions. A licensed cosmotologist, and style aficionado, she infuses our productions with beauty. 

When she is not working for SFP, you can find her at Disney World...or at least singing disney songs.


Erica Headshot

Erica moved to Nashville after getting her degree in cinema and photography at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  When she is not producing for Seek First, she is most likely watching a Netflix marathon with her two cats and lovely drummer boyfriend.  Telling stories through beautiful images is Erica's passion, and she brings a cinematic touch to each project.

DavidWells Headshot

The first person to put his intelligence, creativity, and sweat into Seek First Productions, David has been a loyal supporter since he and James started the company in James' parents' house.  With a background in journalism, David continues to use his skills for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.


Conversation comes easy for David - especially if the topic includes Starwars, Sports, or Freedom!


Angie Headshot

Typified by her great work-ethic and incredible desire to learn, Angie is shaping up to be a valuable member of the Seek First team.

Who We Are

Seek First Productions was first established in 2007 as a small freelance company producing short films, wedding videos, and marketing sizzle reels for various clients.

During these early years the company competed in numerous film festivals across the South East - winning 27 awards including a TV production state championship medal and an Emmy from the Academy of Arts and Science. 

By 2011 Seek First Productions had produced over 200 videos and had ventured into long form narrative scripting - an exercise in anticipation of feature film making projects.

These experiences forged a path for Seek First Productions to follow into its expansion.

Currently SFP is known for its high quality marketing videos and branded entertainment - it continues to hone these crafts.

Seek First Productions has begun carving out a niche in the television industry; regularly producing television programs and commercials for broadcast. 

What People Are Saying

“Their energy and enthusiasm for filmmaking makes Seek First the ideal production company to work with, no matter what your project is.”
- David Wells (Producer)
“Love working with Seek First Productions. Talented, professional, easy to work with, leading edge, innovative. Top shelf people with strong principals.”
- Steve Alberts (Actor)
“Seek First is a first class production team that cares both about its stakeholders and the communities that it engages.”
- Ben Jones (Producer)
“Very talented individuals! Great personalities, wonderfully creative and positive, positive, POSITIVE vibes!”
- Jason Sobczynski (Actor)
“Very professional & intelligent group, high integrity & amiable personalities makes SFP a company you want to work with.”
- Rita Oz
"[Seek First Productions] is really good about letting us just jump in and do stuff and learn very quickly. So this is awesome, this is like 3 months worth of college right here [on this shoot]"
- Krystal Gorte (SFP Intern)