Our Subsidiaries

Seek First Productions is shaping the entertainment industry every day.

The 54 Film Fest is a timed film competition designed to challenge film makers of all skill levels, and to help network film communities throughout the South East.  For more information visit www.54FilmFest.com.

Creative DCP is a professional and affordable Digital Cinema Package creation service for independent film makers and production studios alike. Information can be found at www.CreativeDCP.com.

Rootflick reflects a similar company that once graced the film community with its "choose your own ending" vibe for moviemakers.  Seek First Productions is proud to be part of its rebranding, resurrection, and eventual revolution.  Rootflick has not launched yet, but eventually will at www.RootFlick.com.

Terrabethia provides production resources for southeast production companies.  It seeks to build a state-of-the-art soundstage in Middle TN. More information will be available at www.Terrabethia.com later this year.

Fancy Guppy Pictures is the feature film making division of Seek First Productions.  It has not launched yet, but future information can be found at www.FancyGuppyPictures.com.

  • 54 Film Fest Challenging Film Makers
  • Creative DCP Digital Cinema Package Creation
  • Terrabethia Production Resources