Challenging Filmmakers

54 Film Fest is a competition designed to help local filmmakers network, have an outlet for their creative talent, and ultimately be inspired to create better films within a competitive environment.

Sleep is for the Week

Teams are given 54 total hours to script, shoot, edit, and turn in their 4-7 minute short films.  Prior to the start of the competition, team representatives meet for the Inception meeting where they receive three elements that must be used in their shorts: a prop, a line of dialogue, and an action.

The 54 Film Fest is a grueling competition, but everyone who competes declares it is extremely rewarding.

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  • Curve Ball Challenge Winners 2012 - Light in the Night


I can't believe something we made in 54 hours ended up so good.  And to see it on the big screen was just, well, amazing.

- Joel Higgins

All three of us are actually writing 3 different scripts for future projects.  Your fest was the first thing we had done in 6 years, it got us extremely excited to start it up again.  Thanks again!

- Wa-Sauce Productions

The screening was great, the films were wonderful. I laughed, was spellbound, and even teared up once. Looking forward to next year's event.

- John Fairstein

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