The End of Film

The film industry is an expensive enterprise, thanks in part to large distribution costs. Before digital cinemas, theaters needed a film print for every movie and every screen. Because of their large output, major studios could print film en masse to theaters. For most other production companies and filmmakers, however, a handful of prints often prevented great movies from wider distribution.

Since 2002, digital cinema has revolutionized the film industry and changed the way we watch movies. With the advent of digital cinema and Digital Cinema Packages, distribution costs have not only dropped dramatically, they have provided a universal standard for projectors and quicker distribution.

As more theaters across the U.S. switch from reels to servers, digital cinema continues to open the door for more filmmakers and production companies to get their dreams on the screen. But without a DCP, even a well-produced digital movie will never see the light of day.

Who We Are

Creative DCP specializes in digital distribution for short film, independent film, and production studios. We handle the distribution side of the film business, ensuring your movie is delivered properly and put in the right hands.

What We Do

Consultation. Whether you wish to show it theatrically, submit it to film festivals, or take both routes, we carefully research and present to you the best places for your film to screen.

Digital Conversion. Creative DCP converts movies into a Digital Cinema Package, the standard file format for theaters. With a one-time digital conversion, your movie will arrive ready to project in theaters.

Distribution. We present and deliver your DCP on your behalf so that you can focus on making movies.

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