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First, let me start by saying that I have been in fifty plus theatre and film productions in the last thirteen years, so I have been on more than my fair share of auditions. I am confident that I have made mistakes that may have cost me roles. Recently, however, I have stepped to the other side of the table as a casting director and I have been shocked at some of the things actors say and do that paint them in a bad light. As an actor, you should put forth the extra effort to present yourself well, and here are five things you can easily do correctly to leave a great impression!

 1.) SHOW UP!  You would think this would be a given, but apparently it’s not. If you have asked for and received an audition appointment, BE THERE! Your not showing up is blatant disrespect for the casting team’s time, as well as to your fellow actors who might not have received an appointment because they were full. Trust me, those actors would have loved to have had your appointment, and we the casting team will remember who did not show up. I understand that there are extenuating circumstances, so if something comes up, contact the casting team AS SOON as you foresee a conflict. You never know, we may be accommodating and accept a video audition.

2.) BE PREPARED! This also should be a given, but go ahead and assume that if the audition asks for a monologue or song, or both, you should have them memorized. It is incredibly distracting when an actor uses their phone for lines or lyrics. Just have your material memorized. You also should prepare EXACTLY what we have asked for. If we ask for a certain style or length of a song or monologue, that's what you should prepare.

3.) HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE! Many actors have strong and outgoing personalities and that is fine, but what is not fine is being rude and/or arrogant. If you are rude and it's a toss up between you and a more tolerable personality, chances are, we will decide that we would rather not work with you or that we would rather work with the other actor. You may have given a great audition, but if we think you’ll be a pain to work with, it’s not gonna happen.

4.) BRING YOUR HEADSHOT AND RESUME!*  Headshots and resumes are important. At the end of an audition, when the casting team is discussing who to call back or cast, we  may not remember what you look like (we have seen X number of actors on a casting day), and if we don’t have your headshot, you have limited yourself. You may have sent it digitally, and that’s great, but if you really want to leave a good impression, bring physical copies as well.

5.) BE PROFESSIONAL! This includes in person and in all communications. Receiving poorly spelled emails with little to no punctuation is such a turn-off. Make sure to include everything that the casting team has asked for. Don’t make us go searching for things. Your correspondence should always be concise, pleasant, and professional. The same goes for your attire. Unless you are asked to dress in movement clothes for a dance audition, or asked to dress like a specific character, you should dress in business casual attire. Be comfortable, and be you, but also be professional. You should also dress conservatively - you want us to look at your face. :)


Having talent can only get you so far; in order to stand out in a group full of talented people, you have to put in the work to have a successful audition. By making sure you do these five things you will definitely up your chances of leaving the right impression on the casting team.

At Seek First Productions, we are incredibly excited to have multiple upcoming projects that we are responsible for both the video production and the casting. We know how much insanely awesome talent there is here in Nashville. We hope to work with as many outstanding actors, models and musicians as possible!

Sarah LeJeune
Producer/Project Manager/Casting 

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