Camera Rentals

  • GH4 Camera Body A beautiful image packed into a small camera body. We offer one and two GH4 camera packages for rent. These come with plenty of batteries and media. Perfect for interviews, wedding, and event commercial/narrative.

Lighting Equipment

  • Arri Super Combo 4-Light Kit This Arri Kit comes with two (2) 650s, one (1) 300, and one (1) 1k flood light. The flood is not a fresnel. Stands, scrims, etc. included.
  • ikan IFB576-S Featherweight Dual Color 3-Light Kit Excellent for 3-point lighting; very light and compact.

Grip Gear

  • 12x10 Green Screen This 12x10 green screen is an excellent size for most commercial shoots. If you require hanging rods, please say so upon reservation.
  • 23'' Slider Dolly This slider dolly is perfect for your DSLR accompaniment. It can be mounted to your tripod, or push it infinitely across level ground.
  • Cine Dolly This set of Cine-Dolly wheels is perfect for most tripod applications. One, two, three, and you're ready to roll.
  • EZFX Jib This jib is perfect for most commercial settings. Comes with tripod, weights, and ad-ons. Cine-Dolly wheels are separate.
  • Portable Popup Green/Blue Screen Easy to transport inside carrying case. Folds out to a 6'x5' green/blue screen.

Audio Gear

  • AT 8537 Lav Mic A lav mic that's great for interviews.
  • AT Pro 70 Lav Mic A lav mic that's great for interviews.
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic The perfect mic for both outdoor and indoor shooting. Hyper cardioid pickup pattern. Comes with 3 types of wind screens, boom pole, and mic holder.
  • Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav Mic The standard in wireless lav audio quality.
  • Sterling Audio ST77 Studio Mic The perfect mic for voiceovers and recording instruments/vocals. Comes with pop screen, mic holder, and stand.
  • Tascam dr100 Portable digital audio recorder. Directional and omni mics built in. Two XLR inputs. Uses SD cards.

Rental Rates


Item Day   Week
GH4 Kit  $85  $350
2 GH4s Kit  $150  $650








Item Day   Week
Ikan 3-LCD Kit  $75  $412
LED Camera Mount Light  $5  $27
Arri 4-Light Combo Kit  $75   $412






Rental Rates


Item Day   Week
Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic Kit  $35  $200
AT 8537 Lav Mic  $15  $85
AT Pro 70  $10  $55 
Sterling Audio ST77 Studio Mic   $20  $120
Tascam DR100 Recorder $15 $85
Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav Mic $25 $137








Item Day   Week
6x5 Portable Green/Blue Screen  $15  $85
12x10 Hangable Green Screen  $20  $120
23'' Slider Dolly  $25  $125 
EZFX Jib  $100  $550
Cine Dolly Wheels  $15  $85






Nashville Gear Rental

If you are interested in renting gear in Nashville Tennessee, please refer to  There you can rent equipment easily and book it online.