First Dreams | Coca-Cola

Burdened by the responsibility of caring for his family, a man tries to overcome financial crisis while pursuing his first dream.  This was a short-story created for Coca-Cola.

The Partnership

Seek First Productions was contracted by MCA, UA Local 43, and JATC of Chattanooga to create a series of videos advertising their partnership. Why not let us help advertise your business too? 

Mechanical Contractors Association - "Our Veterans"

It was an honor for SFP to interview several MCA partnership veterans for a special television spot airing on July 4th, 2014. This is the extended cut of that project. 

Nostalgia Commercial

This commercial for the Mechanical Contractors Association tells the story of a boy visiting his father's work for the first time.

Coffee Convention

This footage was given to our company to edit into a marketing piece.  It's music driven with fast cuts, powerful sound bites, and a little typography.

Kittens | Mobile Game Pain

There are some sweet VFX in this commercial that was produced and edited by Seek First Productions in only three days!

Pet Community Center PSA

This PSA features Emmylou Harris.  It's a great example of the type of interviews we can accomplish with only 30 minutes of set-up, production, and tear down time, to accommodate a busy star's schedule.

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