Torry and Renee are embarking on a Barbequest! Their mission? To seek out the most fascinating BBQ Champions the country has to offer. Their journey will take them throughout the American Southeast as they make new friends, learn trade secrets, and eat some delicious food. This is BBQuest. 

*This show is currently for sale. Excellent for food related networks, travel networks, southern lifestyle networks, and military tie-ins.


 An all-American trek for the best in BBQ, one grill at time


BBQuest is the epic tale of one man’s and one woman’s quest to find the best BBQ and the best BBQ stories across the nation. A mixture of comedy and human interest, comedian Torry “Tater” Martin and actress Renee Horton tour the nation to fire up grills, sample sauces, and share some laughs en route to the best and less-known holy grails of American BBQ.

During our first season, the duo traverses the four corners of the Southeast - the backyard of BBQ. East of the Mississippi but south of the Mason-Dixon line lie two epicenters of BBQ—Memphis and the Carolinas—as well as a host of local specialties. This season will feature local chains, little-known niche festivals, and heart-warming stories about the people behind the BBQ. In subsequent seasons, we will travel to other regions of the country.

Currently, ninety BBQ restaurants and festivals have been pinpointed as leads for the show.


The show can take on multiple formats depending on the network and target audience. Right now it is geared towards human-interest rather than the BBQ itself. We have Soul Fuel – a BBQ fire truck whose owner is a veteran coping with PTSD through his business. Dead End BBQ was created on a bet among neighbors – this small town joint, with a plethora of awards, is now opening up their second location. Then there’s Witt’s BBQ –owned by an eccentric man who water skiis every morning and takes his BBQ creation serious – factory style but with a taste that’s hard to beat. We’ve also pin- pointed a great deal of other human-interest stories including a small town BBQ joint that burned down, and then was rebuilt by volunteers in the community.

The show could take a turn, however, and focus more on the BBQ itself – where does it come from, how is it made, etc. Then there’s the hosting – it can manage with one very charismatic host, but will cover more ground with two. These hosts can compete for BBQuest points (the opening may start with a hilarious short showing how they get themselves into such competitions every day). They challenge one another to find the best BBQ in the most obscure places, and at the end there is a winner. Points may be arbitrary and don’t matter – it’s all in fun.

Since Seek First Productions also specializes in hand-drawn animation, this could be implemented into the branding with caricatures of the hosts traveling across a map in the BBQuest Van from location to location – emphasizing the travel aspect of the show.


$30,000-$60,000 per episode depending on desired production value, number of episodes, extent of travel, etc.