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Road to Nashville

Road to Nashville is a docu-reality series following 5 talented teenagers pursuing their dreams in the turbulent music industry.  Meet Chase, a red-head singer/songwriter with a voice that makes ladies swoon; Shyanne, an edgy pop sensation whose lyrics were born out of pressing times dealing with school bullying; Conner, a country work-horse booking out all the major bars downtown; Lydia, an actress turned singer/songwriter with a 12 hour drive between her and her dreams; and Emily, a Belmont student making her rounds as a writer in Music City.  Watch as the group goes through a 6 week intensive vocal training class with renowned coach Renee Grant-Williams - whose past clients include Miley Cyrus, Tim Mcgraw, Christina Aguilera, and many more.  The series premiered on the AwesomenessTV Network, a Dreamworks subsidiary, October 18th, 2014.

Episode 6 | Showtime!

Episode 5 | Lights, Camera, Action!

Episode 4 | Hiring a Girlfriend!

Episode 3 | Writer's Block

Episode 2 | Meet Chase Goehring

Episode 1 | Music City, Here We Come!

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